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B.S.U. - Bull Shit University
Most education is bullshit anyway. So why not get your academic accreditation with your own Bachelor of Bull Shitting (B.S.er) degree from the crap masters themselves? You owe it to yourself, the system has lied to you, so it's time for you to get your degree now.
Two (or Three) Steps To Master The Art Of Bullshitting:

1) Visit The Lie...Brary and learn the truth about lying.

2) Order Your BS Degree and splat it on your wall like a badge of honor.

3) Also, if you are a master of a certain subject, but don't have the paper work to back it up, get your Fake Degree here


Our Mission:

It is the mission of Bull Shit U (BSU) and www.Bullshitu.org to teach and educate people in two main areas: 1) How to lie, fabricate facts, evade the truth in a way the brings and advantage to the individual without harming another individual. 2) To learn how to detect lies and fabrications of truth and evasion of truth that will bring harm to oneself or others.

Bull Shit U, aims to provide entertainment and to show people how to enjoy the good aspects of life, whilst not taking things too seriously. Bull Shit U believes that lying serves an important social purpose for the preservation of rights and privacy which are paramount to us as individuals and collectively.

It is STUPID and WRONG to lie or mislead when... Bull Shit U is strictly against lying under various circumstances. These include but are not limited to: Legal documents, in courts, under oath, to law enforcement, to family members, during a humble confession, to yourself and to people whose medical supervision or expertise you may require.

Disclaimer: Don't believe anything your read on this web site, except the statement above.

Customer Testimonial: "Yo! This University is BULLSHIT." David F. B.S.er

B.S.U. Response. We see you finally know what you're talking about.

Customer Testimonial: "I showed my B.S.U. degree while applying for a government job and they hired me right away! They said I'd make a perfect politician." Josie S. B.S.er 

B.S.U. Response. Like hell they did you lying snake!

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