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Bull Shit University - Why Lie?

Why lie? Isn't honesty the best policy?

Well, the real question should be why not lie? Or conversely why tell the truth?

Our moms and schools always told us not to talk to strangers right? And with ID theft being the fastest growing crime in North America, why is it that we feel obligated to tell random people so much information about ourselves? Potential employers, suitors, banks, credit card companies, government agents, phone, web and cable companies ask us all sorts of information about ourselves and our private  lives which is none of their business. Our privacy and personal freedom is a stake right now because the system is set up so the honest people fail and struggle, while the liars (the system administrators) and cheaters get ahead.

"How much do you make?"

"Where do you go to school?"

"What's your social insurance number?"

"Are you only talking to me to get into my pants?"

People are shameless and ask far too many intrusive questions these days. Quite frankly, the more honest you are in our society the more you'll be punished. Think about it for a minute, if a crazed gunman had a hold of you and asked you to tell them precisely where your family members are located, what would you tell them? Presumably not the truth.

So lying is the answer (the first line of defense) to protect our privacy and also for success. This web site and information it contains is NOT about lying to your family and your friends, it is about lying to those you are up against. Do you think any good poker player can do well by being honest? They need to bluff often and so do you! Actually we focus on evasion of truth and non-candor as techniques to preserve your dignity and privacy.

What about morals? Upholding your morals is recommended and unaffected by type of "lying" we promote.  You can tell the truth to your parents and to your spouse, to God during confession (reconciliation) or under oath. But how is it that we feel morally obligated to tell anyone else the truth? We shouldn't. There are very few universal truths, the rest is just perception of what is reality. While bearing false witness against your neighbor unethical, immoral and illegal in most cases, it's not a crime or a sin to evade the truth. For the most part lying and evasion of what is perceived to be the truth is often the easiest way to maintain your civil liberties, your reputation and to get ahead in the rat race.

Every successful person is a blatant liar, regardless of what field they are in. Think about it, all marketing is just lies wrapped in pretty packages (like this site is). Acting is lying in motion, yet so many people admire actors. When you think about it actors are just trying to convince us they are something they are not; the better of a job they do, the more accolades they receive for it.

Now it's time for you to learn to do the same. Bullshit University teaches you how to lie, get ahead and harm nobody in the process. It's true! <---- THIS IS NOT A LIE. I PROMISE. 

In order for you to learn lying, evasion of truth and lie detection techniques for FREE you need to visit the Lie...Brary, this is where it all happens and you can find out the TRUTH about lies!


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